Lights, Camera, Action!

James 1:22: But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.
 The proof is in our actions!
Talk is cheap…it takes money to buy land!  That is a true and straightforward saying.  Action is the thing that separates the players from the spectators.  Action is the verb…belief is the subject….real success comes not merely from the way we think…but from the things we do.
Integrity happens when our actions match our words.  Far too often we live in a world of talkers…people with head knowledge..concepts…ideas…thought processes…that get us half the way up the mountain of change that we truly need.  If we live there then life becomes a saying…it resonates in our minds and in our hearts….our life becomes a postcard that we carry with us…..sharing things that might be….or that may happen.
Action separates the orators from the real doers…feet in motion prove or disprove the thoughts in our heads….they testify of the validity of our belief.  Our actions speak so much louder than our thoughts that at the end of a man’s life…he is measured by his doings….not his sayings.
Our faith is seeing rough, shameless and relentless assault because the world in which we live measures the gap between our saying and our doing…..they have weighed us, and have found us wanting.  They have seized on the a sense of action that fail to measure up to our high moral talk…hence they see us as mere different from the philosophers of old…lots of talk about this God who is invisible….whose presence is as vacant as our actions.
James stokes us to be living testaments of His work.  Today we do the things of God!

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